Firmware update for Removu S1!

REMOVU just came out with another update for the S1.

Updates features:

  • Reduced motor noise caused by movements with the remote control
  • Reduced micro-jitters while using the S1
  • YAW, ROLL, PITCH motor strength increased

Upload the latest firmware on your S1 to make sure your device works properly and that you use the new features added to the REMOVU product.

Firmware can be downloaded from here. Enjoy!


We are super exited welcoming the Dobot Magician to our distribution!

Dobot is not JUST a robot arm, this all-in-one Robot for Education can manipulate objects, draw, write, laser engrave and 3D print. 

Go check it out!



Trouble shoot Wi-Fi connection Hero5 Black

After the release of the R1+ firmware 1.2.0, there were some reports about the Wi-Fi connection problem with Hero5. What to do? Here is the trouble shoot.

R1+ shows GoPro SSID but it cannot connect to GoPro: 

Many cases are due to wrong connecting procedure.  So please check first if the GoPro camera connects to smartphone application correctly.  If the R1+ cannot connect to GoPro while smartphone can connect well, then the R1+ needs to be replaced with new one.

R1+ cannot find GoPro SSID at all: 

It turned out that some of the updated Hero5 Black has different MAC addresses. In this case, R1+ cannot show the GoPro Camera on Wi-Fi list. 

How to fix? Please update the R1+ with the new firmware 1.2.1. Removu added a new MAC address information on this firmware. If R1+ has no problem to connect with Hero5 Black, then you don’t need to update with 1.2.1. 

Please let us know if you need any assistance.