Removu came out with a great new product called the S1. 

The S1 features a deteachable gimbal that connects with anywhere a GoPro device can be mounted. This device is suited for all kind of adventures wherever it's in the snow or under water. The S1 comes with one rainproof housing and one frame housing for the GoPro HERO4/3+/3 devices.  


  • Detachable, 2-prong mountable, remote-controllable gimbal
  • Wireless remote control embedded into handle / removable
  • 33 ft remote control distance
  • Includes one rainproof housing and one frame housing for HERO4/3+/3
  • Also supports the HERO5 and Session via optional housings
  • Water-resistant motors and body
  • Brushless DC motors and rotary sensors
  • 292° of tilt, 292° of pan, and 90° of roll motion
  • 3-5 hour operating time with included battery


Want to find out more? Click on the image below.