After the release of the R1+ firmware 1.2.0, there were some reports about the Wi-Fi connection problem with Hero5. What to do? Here is the trouble shoot.

R1+ shows GoPro SSID but it cannot connect to GoPro: 

Many cases are due to wrong connecting procedure.  So please check first if the GoPro camera connects to smartphone application correctly.  If the R1+ cannot connect to GoPro while smartphone can connect well, then the R1+ needs to be replaced with new one.

R1+ cannot find GoPro SSID at all: 

It turned out that some of the updated Hero5 Black has different MAC addresses. In this case, R1+ cannot show the GoPro Camera on Wi-Fi list. 

How to fix? Please update the R1+ with the new firmware 1.2.1. Removu added a new MAC address information on this firmware. If R1+ has no problem to connect with Hero5 Black, then you don’t need to update with 1.2.1. 

Please let us know if you need any assistance.