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We love change. We like adventures. We strive for perfection.

Everything revolves around the passion we have for our work and hobbies. We know there is a large group of consumers just like us. We love bridging the needs where traditional channels can’t catch up fast enough. The challenge is what we love. We see ourselves as the extension of the commodity market that solves common lifestyle problems.



MEATER is world's first wireless meat thermometer which can be operated with an iOS or Android app via Bluetooth or WiFi. Meat thermometers have been around for a while, but they all have one shortcoming: you have to keep checking the display to see what temperature your food has reached or you have to put a cord with an external monitor through your oven door. MEATER solves both problems.


The all-in-One Robot for Education! The Dobot Magician influences education with entertainment only technology can create. 

Dobot Magician is the second generation of high precision 4-axis robotic arm for desktops. With 0,2mm precision, this robot arm is able to manipulate objects, draw, write, laser engrave and 3D print. This robotic arm can be used in any living room, classroom, factory or workshop. Welcome to the future!



Whether you bring fish, meat or veggies to the table, the Anova Precision Cooker will let it taste like a slice of heaven. Sous vide is a technique that is used by top chefs. By placing the food in a sealable bag and into a bath of water, Anova makes sure the food is cooked on the precise temperature. Now anyone can cook like a pro.


GRIT audio is a company founded by music junkies who enjoy the adventurous lifestyle. They are determined on delivering personal fitted, high quality music products at an affordable price ⎯ suited for any activity, to help achieve any goal. With a sturdy and metallic look, these earphones feel incredibly light. Compared to the more common used 9 mm driver, they equipped the A1 with an 11 mm driver to create an authentic and powerful output. The adjustable stay-put earfins ensures comfort so that you are free to appreciate the world around you. 


Mifold changed the game of booster safety. As a regular booster lifts the child up to be in the position of an adult, Mifold does the exact opposite. Instead of lifting the child up, this booster holds the seatbelt down.

Mifold is super small and just as safe as a regular booster. It is designed for children from age 4 to 12 and is so compact it can be stored in glove compartments, car door pockets, backpacks and handbags. Perfect for on the road and day to day runs.


Removu brings new excitement and entertainment to GoPro users and adventurous hobbiests. A passionate team of engineers and technologists combine their expertise to create new tools for GoPro and other devices.

Removu will assist you on getting that perfect shot with their waterproof, dustpoof and even shockproof products. Surfing, snowboarding, mountain doesn't matter what kind of adventure lies ahead. Whatever you need, they’ll make it.


Gramofon is the first to realise the great hifi set you have invested in at home, is not going to stream music on it’s own. They recognise that you have friends that come over and want to share their music with you. Hassle-free. No binding. No compatibility issues with proprietary or bluetooth devices. Log on the wifi network and use your standard Spotify player to rock some tunes.


These new foam audio tips make it easier for every consumer to choose a solution for their earphones. The Hearing Components are making quality sound and absolute comfort. The new Comply Universal foam tip line of audio accessories make sure all earphones have the perfect fit for all audio listeners.


Brofish is a fast growing brand, launched in 2014. Brofish focuses on extending the current action cameras market with accessories. To gain traction we helped to kickstart their brand in the Netherlands, Belgium and now Germany.


Jaybird sports is built with quality, comfort and superior audio in mind. By using the best hardware out there, Jaybird products are competing with the big established brands. Fused with their ability to target the sporting demografic, Jaybird is clearly a lifestyle brand.


Connect the AppBot to Wifi and smartphone and see what is happening around the house. Trough livestream the Appbot is able to make pictures and video’s of it’s surroundings but also records live stream audio messages. As long as the Appbot stays within the Wifi reach of it’s location it can be controlled from anywhere in the world.


This creative idea started with a man in New York who saw people battling with their umbrellas. No more struggles, inverting or flying away. Nubrella is a non- invertible, hands free, worn back pack style umbrella. Perfect for photographers, parents with strollers, walking the dog or riding a bike without getting wet.